Goggle Blog Search generated trackback comment spams: Incoming link strangeness

This is a short post to bring peoples attention to a very insidious form of spam. If you see a load of links in your Word Press blogs incoming links area that don’t make sense to you -this is spam and it is bad. Report such spam links via Google’s Report Spam form here. Please [...]

Webhosting: Dreamhost Bad Media Temple Good

I’ve been moving some of my sites from one web host to another in order to organize my sites and simply my life. Initially, the plan was to move many sites to Dreamhost. This was a mistake. It took me over 3 weeks to get one site up and running and over 4 weeks were [...]

No I’m not leaving my site like this…

This is the first step in a re-design. I upgraded to wordpress 2.0 a while back and have been meaning to re-design and make use of all the new technologies. I am testing out various themes to start hacking. I will give full credit to the themes and widgets i end up using.

Stuff i still must do on this site

Ok -so the nuts and bolts are up and running. Please note that the top navigation is not hooked up to the content yet -to get to that content you must still use the category links to your right. Stuff that will change hopefully soon: validate my code -i know there is some small code [...]


I’ve decided to do my own wordpress design. I am still tweeking, so you may notice some odd stuff. I hope to be all done by the end of this week. You will see this template while it is still a work in process because it is currently the only way i can test some [...]