Webhosting: Dreamhost Bad Media Temple Good

I’ve been moving some of my sites from one web host to another in order to organize my sites and simply my life. Initially, the plan was to move many sites to Dreamhost. This was a mistake. It took me over 3 weeks to get one site up and running and over 4 weeks were [...]

Have no fear

Dear readers – I am moving this blog to a new server, but it has been a bit tricky. Please forgive me if the site is down now and then while I am getting this all sorted out. Everything will be available shortly -at this same domain. Thanks -and keep dropping by!

Is Gmail having problems?

I’ve been having difficulties over the last 2 weeks with my Gmail account. Often I can’t login and when I can, I can’t open the mail in my inbox. I see the subject like of my messages, but can’t open them. This is starting to make me a bit nervous since I rely on it [...]

Update: I am not alone

Read: Technorati Skips Indexing Tags Again Dave Sifry claims Technorati’s Search perfomance improved – I actually agree, it did. But they are having problems indexing tags again… several of my properly tagged posts did not make their way into Technorati’s index, even though the posts were indexed long ago, I can find them in text [...]

Troubleshooting: Re-tag old posts?

Still troubleshooting. I’ve re-installed the Bunnytags for Technorati and placed them higher up on my template and they seemed to work there. However No tags are working form previous posts -posts from earlier last week and before. This is the majority of my content. So there is still an issue. Even when I update the [...]