A raw petfood guideline

I am now caring for a large dog as well as my two feline friends. I’ve been feeding either homemade raw food or store bought raw food for my cats for over 15 years. Along the way thoughts on grains and cooked vs raw meat have evolved. A good guide I have found is Pat [...]

Raw Catfood Recipe

I’ve been searching form more up to date recipes that can realistically be made at home for cats. In the past the homemade recipes that included grains (photo above is of a common raw recipe I used to make for Winston and Marty. It is now commonly understood that grains are not particularly good for [...]

Introducing Kate, my new kitten

holistic pet books

Here are some of the books I can honestly recommend. All of these I have myself and they were all valuable resources I used regularl y (when I had pets in my life). Each has their own special gems as all books do. I have a personal interest in Animal Health and Holistic Medicine so [...]

Feets a galloping over my head.

There is a cat living in the apartment above me and I smile when I hear the galloping feet across the length of their apartment; made by excited pussy toes galloping behind or ahead of their person toward the food dish spot in the kitchen. Then I hear the dish plonk on the floor and [...]