Recycled Craft: Could a sock make you smile?

Recycled craft projects jut got cuter with this book from Japan. Here is my photo of the project on the cover of the book Sock and Glove.

New Knitting Books: Knitted Bears & Funky Sweaters

I found the cutest knitting pattern book for bears. These are pretty simple to knit and make great gifts! I’ve had great responses when I present one as a gift. The sweater patters in my other “new find book” are really, really simple and knit up fast on large needles!

holistic pet books

Here are some of the books I can honestly recommend. All of these I have myself and they were all valuable resources I used regularl y (when I had pets in my life). Each has their own special gems as all books do. I have a personal interest in Animal Health and Holistic Medicine so [...]

Audio Books

A reader posted a very interesting comment comparing audio books to hard copy books. It’s a good read and also suggests some more books to listen to or read! Read about Audio Books

Great Fiction!

Here are some books that I have read over the last several months (maybe a bit more). I’ve only included books that I really enjoyed and I am hoping you will enjoy them too. I am telling you about them because they should be read. READ THEM!! If you find that you’ve read any one of these books -chances are you will enjoy one of the others.